BethanyBethany - Receptionist

Spending time with our clients’ pets is receptionist Bethany’s favorite aspect of her job. Her other responsibilities include answering phones, filing, and helping pet owners with preventive care and client education. Assisting Doctors with surgery and anesthesia is yet another area where she excels. She is very skilled at multi-tasking which is very helpful when greeting clients, answering phone, and ordering medications and supplies all at once! Bethany graduated from St.Michael’s College with a bachelors degree in biology and has been working in the animal-related field for 20 years.

She shared her home with her beloved Siberian husky, Inuit who has crossed the rainbow bridge. She shares her home with her rescue dog "crazy" Maizey. When she is not at work, she enjoys hiking and spending time outside with her dog. She also enjoys agility classes with Maizey.

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DebraDebra - Receptionist

As our receptionist, Debra is often first to meet and greet pets and pet owners as they enter Attleboro Veterinary Clinic. She grew up in small-town Vermont and brings that down-to-earth style to our clinic. Her friendly and welcoming personality helps our clients feel comfortable and puts their pets at ease. Debra’s responsibilities include checking clients in and out of the clinic, answering phone calls, processing invoices, completing chart information, and helping with pet appointments. Debra holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in animal science and the other in English, and she joined our staff in August 2004.

The Family atmosphere at Attleboro Veterinary Clinic creates an environment where her “co-workers feel more like siblings,” Debra says. Her favorite part of the job is when she gets time to play with the pets in the waiting room. “I love when I have time to talk to the clients and pet our patients while they wait for their appointments, she said. “Our clients feel like family to me. Attleboro Veterinary Clinic allows every staff member a chance to interact with the animals – even the receptionists!” Debra has had to say goodbye to four of her beloved pets since working at Attleboro Veterinary Clinic. She will always have animals in her home.

Her current furry family members are a cat named George and two dogs, Connor and Dr. Pepper. When not at the clinic, she enjoys spending time with these furry friends and her human family, too. She likes to read, walk, swim, and watch TV and movies. She and her family frequently travel to Vermont to visit relatives, and predictably, her pets love to go along for the ride.

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NicoleNicole - Receptionist

Nicole’s strong work ethic and great sense of humor make her an important part of Attleboro Veterinary Clinic’s reception staff. She is always calm and steady no matter how hectic the situation which is one of her many great attributes! Her favorite aspects of the jobs “hanging out with the kitties and doggies” and giving them cookies. Nicole has worked with animals for eight years and worked at a daycare facility for dogs prior to joining Attleboro Veterinary Clinic staff in 2007.

“All of the staff at Attleboro Veterinary Clinic works well together,” she said. “We have a great staff overall, we all enjoy meeting and greeting clients, and we learn many new things every day.”

Nicole is a mother of two young children and one shih-tzu/maltese named Ella. In her free time, she enjoys reading, walking Ella, and spending time with friends, and relaxing alone with a little quiet time.

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KatieKatie - Certfied Veterinary Technician

Katie has been working with animals for over 20 years. She first worked with Dr. Siegel two jobs ago as a 19 year old and Dr. Siegel was thrilled to be reunited with her after he bought his own practice! Katie is truly a force of nature! She can do it all, with high energy, a quick mind and a bog smile, being equally adept at the reception desk, the exam room and the surgical room. As a veterinary technician at Attleboro Veterinary Cliic, her responsibilities include assisting the Veterinarians during examinations, taking x-rays, and monitoring the pets during surgery.

Katie enjoys spending her spare time with her significant other, Denny, two sons, Logan and Lukas and their two cats, Noah and Yogi.

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PamPam - Certified Veterinary Technician

Pam brings well over a decade of experience in private practice and critical care / emergency practice to AVC. She grew up in an “animal family”: “My mother was the “cat lady” of the neighborhood! She took in any animal in need. At one point we had seven cats and three dogs!” Dr. Siegel adds, “Pam always has a small on her face and you can see the happiness that just holding an animal brings her.” Pam says that she enjoys helping pets in any way possible to make them feel better and relieve any discomfort that they may experience. She also finds that some of the most scared pets, often some of the smaller dogs, respond so very well to her touch!

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JennyJenny - Veterinary Technician

Jenny, from an early age, has had an extremely wide variety of animals as pets. Some examples, besides dogs and cats, are turtles, a gecko, hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits to name a few! Jenny has also had an interest in horseback riding and in her spare time is a dog groomer. She tells us, "I always wanted to work with animals. They simply give me a feeling of joy inside." She adds, "One of the things I enjoy most about my job is to make a connection with other people involving our shared love for animals."

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LindsayLindsay - Veterinary Technician

Lindsay started her career path at Bridgwater State University where she received her Bachelors in Biomedical Science. Lindsay has volunteered at local animal shelters where her duties included administering medications, socializing, training and introducing cats and dogs to families interested in adoption. Lindsay had a meaningful experience caring for two neglected dogs: Bristol, a pit Bull, and a Plot Hound named River. “They were starved, abused, and very sick, but amazingly, they were the sweetest, most loving animals.” Thankfully, they are now rehabilitated, and now in safe, loving homes. Lindsay started working with Dr. Siegel to pursue her Veterinary Technician degree and has since graduated. Through her compassion and enthusiasm for her work, Lindsay shows pets and the people who love them how special and cared for they are.

In Lindsay’s free time she enjoys quality time with her family and playing with her Miniature Dachshund named Woody. She also loves vacationing in Disney and horseback riding.

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StevenSteven - Veterinary Technician

Though Steven was always an avid animal lover, he actually expected to become a carpenter or construction worker! His dad taught him everything from laying tile to installing plumbing fixtures, basically everything related to home improvement. Then, several years ago, a friend told him about a job opportunity working with laboratory animals at Boston University and he was hooked. Since then, Steven has worked with a variety of species ranging from mice to primates, guinea pigs to ferrets. For five years prior to joining our practice, Steve worked as a veterinary technician in oncology at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, helping care for pets with cancer.

Steven has been with us since January 2012. We value his technical skills such as an expertise in placing IVs, and his upbeat attitude and friendly teasing keeps the team loose. His kindness to all the pets and their owners always shows through. An added bonus is that he has become the "Mr. Fix It" around our clinic and is eager to take on many side projects and repairs, so maybe he is achieving both of his career dreams after all!

He lives (and does plenty of carpentry!) with his wife and French Bulldog, "Leroy", in their new home.

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PaulPaul - Veterinary Technician

Paul is a Rhode Island native living with his family, three cats and three dogs. He is a graduate of University of Rhode Island, with a degree in animal science and veterinary science. Paul started in the veterinary field in 2017. His future plans include applying to vet school and fulfilling his dream of becoming a veterinarian. “It is rewarding when you can make an animal feel well and see them recover,” says Paul. Paul is motivated and his caring personality helps the clients and pets feel more comfortable when assisting in the exam rooms.

Paul likes to go out with friends and likes to have a good time. Archery is a sport Paul has been involved in for 10 years and while coaching it for 7 years. He has received many awards and acknowledgments over the years.

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EmilyEmily - Certified Veterinary Technician

Emily’s longtime love for animals brought her to working as a volunteer in shelters, fostering and doggy day care. Emily decided to further her career by attending New England Institute of Technology. She graduated in 2015 with an associates degree in science. Emily says “I have loved animals for as long as I can remember. It is so gratifying working in this field. I can help pets and their owners through both happy and difficult times.”

Emily enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and friends. Most of all she loves cuddling with her dog Ella while watching forensic files. She lives an active life, traveling north, canoeing the Saco River, visiting a favorite brewery and eateries in Portland Maine.

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ChristinaChristina - Certified Veterinary Technician

Christina is a mom of two boys that has recently moved back to New England from Colorado. As a technician Christina’s upbeat and optimistic personality is valued throughout Attleboro Veterinary Clinic. She enjoys educating clients and being able to help families with their “fur babies” throughout their animals lives. She loves being in a hands on field where she can make a difference and see the pets improve after they’ve been ill. Christina graduated from Becker College in 2012 with her degree in Veterinary Technology and Veterinary Science. She loves to spending time with her family, relaxing with a good book, or watching comedy. She is not only wonderful with animals but she is handy with tools and excels in woodworking.

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