From the Desk of Dr. Siegel

Reflections on Ten Years at Attleboro Veterinary Clinic

It is hard to believe that April 24, 2014 marks ten years since I took over as owner of Attleboro Veterinary Clinic! So many thoughts, memories and emotions are going through my head right now; I'd love to share just a few with you.

First off: the animals that I have come to know here are some of the most intelligent, amazing and most loved and cherished that I have ever had the honor to know. I have been struck so many times by the ability of your pets to communicate so much to you (and to me) as long as we are open to listening. I believe that the fact that you treat your pets as full-fledged family members brings out all of their human qualities and I have found it immensely enjoyable and fulfilling to delve deeper into their animal language. It doesn't always happen (I wish it did!), but there are moments when I really feel a bit like Dr. Doolittle "talking to the animals" as they tell me what's wrong!

This community is so supportive and the people here are so very kind. I really feel like I have become a valued part of our community which makes me feel so good! The folks that I meet here day in and day out are some of the nicest, down to earth people which means a lot to me…it just feels like home. Whenever there is an animal-related cause to rally around, I am so inspired by how so many of you do whatever you can to help. There is something about it that reminds me of how things used to be in the old days (but now so hard to find); and it is so reassuring that in our community this spirit is still alive and well. It is inspiring to be surrounded by so many good souls.

My staff is second to none. Everyone who works here from the Doctors to the Technicians and Receptionists truly feels part of the same family. They all strive very hard every day to do things well, to pay attention to the little details, and to work with each other to find productive solutions to any problems that come up in the course of a day. Their eagerness to do their very best for all of our beloved pets, each other, and for me and my family means so much and I am proud to call each and every one of them my friend.

Thank you all for a wonderful ten years and looking forward to many more!


Dr. Siegel

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