Caring for Your Senior Pet

The health needs of our pets change as they age, and pet owners need to adapt their care routines to meet these evolving health requirements.

Comprehensive Care for Your Senior Pet at Attleboro Veterinary Clinic

Every animal is unique, so you’ll need to talk to our team to learn more about when your pet is considered a senior. Large dog breeds are typically considered senior at around age 5–6, whereas smaller dog breeds may be considered senior at around 10–12 years old. Cats reach senior age at around 11 years old. 

Nutrition is one of the key aspects of a senior pet’s wellness. As your pet ages, their nutritional needs change, so their body may require some adjustment to their diet or the addition of supplements. Annual wellness check-ups from our vets in Attleboro, MA, will help monitor your pet’s nutritional needs as they age.

At your pet’s regular visits, we can run diagnostic testing to check for any vitamin deficiencies or health concerns. From there, we can make the proper recommendations to help your pet thrive well into their golden years. We may recommend that older pets and pets with chronic health conditions come in for more frequent visits.

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Dental disease is one of the most common health conditions in senior pets. Oral health is directly connected to physical wellness, so your pet needs to have their teeth and gums checked out annually. Any irregularities may be a sign that your pet has an underlying health condition and may require treatment. Trouble with your pet’s teeth and gums can cause difficulty chewing and it can be painful for your pet.

Arthritis is another common issue for senior pets, causing discomfort and joint pain. This pain can be managed with physical therapy and treatment from our vets in Attleboro, MA, as well as simple lifestyle recommendations to maintain a healthy activity level and weight. If your pet isn’t very active, it’s essential that you monitor their diet, as inactive pets can easily become overweight and develop further joint pain and other serious health issues.

Contact our office to schedule a visit to learn how you can take excellent care of your senior pet. Our veterinarians in Attleboro MA can help your pet enjoy their golden years! Call us at (508) 226-8046 and schedule your pet’s next visit.