Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Attleboro Veterinary Clinic is excited to introduce Cold Laser Therapy!

This technology offers an excellent non-invasive therapy option for many conditions affecting pets, including arthritis, various forms of inflammation, and even wounds.

What is a cold laser?

The cold laser is simply a beam of special wavelengths of light applied to the surface of the skin. It is not a thermal or “hot” laser and therefore does not cut tissue like laser surgery.

How does it work?

These special light waves interact with cells, creating beneficial changes and energizing them, leading to healing and reducing inflammation. Increased metabolic activity is observed within the cell, which leads to faster healing, reduced inflammation, less scar tissue formation, increased oxygen to blood cells, increased production of specific enzymes, nerve stimulation, and greater metabolic activity.

How is this therapy given?

Depending on the pet’s specific condition, we will recommend how many initial sessions are needed to see a response. The sessions consist of a comfortable visit to our clinic, averaging 15 minutes, where one of our trained and certified staff members applies a light probe in a particular way to the specific body part that needs treatment. You, the Pet Parent, can choose to keep your pet company throughout the session!

Vet applying laser therapy to dog

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Our pet cold laser therapy in Attleboro, MA, offers numerous benefits for pets suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, and injuries. It is particularly effective in treating arthritis, joint pain, and muscle injuries. The therapy promotes faster wound healing and reduces inflammation, making it an excellent option for post-surgical recovery. Additionally, it helps manage chronic conditions by providing ongoing pain relief and improving mobility.

When to Consider Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy benefits pets experiencing pain and inflammation that affects their quality of life. If your pet has been diagnosed with arthritis or soft tissue injuries or has undergone surgery, cold laser therapy can be a valuable part of their treatment plan. It is also an excellent option for older pets who may have difficulty with more invasive treatments or medications.